All software tools are designed to be used, so it's not too hard to get by without really understanding them. But if you spend a little time on learning, you can save yourself hours of work when getting things done.

That's why the CMU Computer Club is leading a series of talks and workshops on some of the most useful tools for advanced users and developers.

These will take place every Wednesday in Wean Hall 5415 starting at 8:00 PM, throughout the Spring 2014 semester. Come around, and we're sure you'll see your productivity skyrocket.

This schedule is also available as an iCalendar file which is compatible with all calendaring software.

This semester's talk series is supported by contributions from Green Hills Software.

Jan 22

Practical Command Line Usage

Do you feel intimidated and afraid whenever you open a terminal? Or are you a master of all things Unix? Either way, we guarantee you will learn something useful at this talk! You'll learn how to use the command line properly, with basics like man and pipes, and more advanced features like history manipulation and readline bindings.

Jan 29

Using Linux with VirtualBox

Don't feel comfortable with installing Linux on your machine? Do the next best thing! Run a Linux system from within your usual operating system using virtualization. We will walk you through the installation of Ubuntu 13.10 "Saucy Salamander" in VirtualBox.

Feb 05

Kerberos and OpenAFS

By installing OpenAFS on your own system, you can use your own tools to work on your AFS files. Your files will magically appear in a directory on your local system! No more SCPing to! Also learn the basics of Kerberos, the standard enterprise authentication system, and how it can be useful for you.

Feb 12

Source Version Control

Do you like having undo and redo available in your editor? Then you're sure to like having undo and redo available for your files! In this talk, you'll learn about the ideas behind the source version control system Git, and how to use its immense power for your own aims.

Feb 19

Power Vim

Attend this talk to learn how to efficiently use the most powerful editor on earth! Even if you use an inferior editor, come to this talk! You might find you'd prefer this one!

Feb 26

Power Emacs

Attend this talk to learn how to efficiently use the most powerful editor on earth! Even if you use an inferior editor, come to this talk! You might find you'd prefer this one!

Mar 05

Integrated Development Environments (IDEs)

IDEs provide a single, consistent interface for managing and developing a software project. We will discuss the central features of IDEs such as intelligent code completion, refactoring support, semantic analysis, and interactive debugging.

Mar 19

Advanced Windows Usage

Are you still using Windows? Well, you'd better come to this talk. Learn about PowerShell, orthodox file managers, package control systems, and other tools that unlock powers you never knew Windows had.

Mar 26

OS X for Power Users

Using OS X? Learn how to use the powerful tools already built into the OS, or bypass the "well designed" operating system and find true power in the Unix command line! Install a package manager to gain access to software Apple doesn't want you to have!

Apr 02

Week of the Linux Desktop

Are you interested in using the best, most freedom-respecting operating system in existence on your personal computer? Come to this talk! You'll learn how to navigate the sea of distros, basic troubleshooting, and guidance on how to overcome Baby Duck Syndrome!

Apr 09

Advanced Linux

Ready to take the next step? Learn to use the power and flexibility of Linux with tiling window managers and other efficient tools not available on other operating systems!

Apr 16

Bash Scripting

Tired of installing shareware to do something as simple as renaming files according to a pattern? Sick of manually performing repetitive tasks? Wish you could automate the tedium of software development and system administration? Come to this talk and learn how to quickly and easily do these things, and more, with the power of bash!

Apr 23

Supercharging Your Terminal

Do you use the command line? Did you know that many people willingly use the command line for most of their daily tasks? Learn about the powerful and convenient tools available on the command line, such as tmux, atool and ranger, straight from the mouth of one of these lunatics!

Apr 30

Virtual Private Servers

Have you ever wanted your own castle? I sure have. Unfortunately, castles are expensive. But VPSs are insanely cheap! Learn how to get your own private server and all the hugely useful things you can do with it!