DEVOPS! Hippest of buzzwords, earner of thousands! Learn to harness the immense power of devops for yourself, by coming to the Fall 2014 Computer Club Workshop/Talk Series. We will tell you the tricks that will allow you to transcend the annoyances of administration and offenses of operations, and return to the elegant, pure simplicity of raw code!

These talks will take place every Wednesday starting at 8:00 PM in Wean Hall 5415 throughout the semester.

This schedule is also available as an iCalendar file which is compatible with all calendaring software.

Sponsored by Green Hills Software. Green Hills make the world's highest performing compilers, most secure real-time operating systems, revolutionary debuggers, and virtualization solutions for embedded systems.

Power Computing at CMU

CMU is the top computer science university in the world. So obviously there are some useful software tools here, available to you! Learn what they are and how to use them to get your work done faster and more efficiently.

Power Vim

Attend this talk to learn how to efficiently use the most powerful editor on earth! Even if you use an inferior editor, come to this talk! You might find you'd prefer this one!

Power Emacs

Attend this talk to learn how to efficiently use the most powerful editor on earth! Even if you use an inferior editor, come to this talk! You might find you'd prefer this one!

Source Version Control with Git

Do you like having undo and redo available in your editor? Then you're sure to like having undo and redo available on the command line! In this talk, you'll learn about the ideas behind the source version control system Git, and how to use its immense power for your own aims.

Retro Platforms Overview

Why do you still get asked to keep lines of code to 80 columns or less? What's that 'Terminal' thing on your Mac and why should you care? Is that funny looking 80s computer your parents have sitting in the garage worth messing with? Attend this talk for a crash course in the history of computing that will answer these questions and more!

Installing Linux Workshop

We'll walk you through installing Linux and getting started with it, both on your own hardware or a virtual machine. Come get access to the best, most direct development environment possible!

Advanced Filesystems and RAID

Learn about exciting new developments like btrfs, and the fantastic features they provide! Also a short segment about things like LVM and RAID.

System Management with systemd

systemd is the much-maligned project that is either upgrading or ruining the core of Linux, depending on who you ask. Learn in this talk about the exciting features systemd brings, and why there's no need to fear Lennart Poettering!

Linux Containers

The new containerization technologies available in Linux are receiving a massive amount of hype. Learn why everyone's excited about Docker, and how you can use it yourself.

Advanced Bash

Most developers and sysadmins and devops spend a lot of time on the command line. Learn how to maximize your effectiveness with bash - it's got all the cool features you need!

Bash Scripting

Bash scripting is the classic sysadmin technique, but it's useful for developers and even casual users. Automate your computer and write simple yet powerful and useful programs, with bash scripting.


Learn the best techniques for expunging those pesky bugs from your programs!

System Exploitation

Get a tutorial in how bad people and security researchers break your web app and make your life harder!

PGP and Cryptography

Learn to create a PGP private/public keypair and use it for encryption and identity verification.